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Begin Your Career As a Dispatcher

Are you fed up with struggling to make ends meet? Begin your new life in Dispatch, where you can earn $1000 to $8000 each month!


So, why should you choose Dispatch Academy above the numerous other dispatcher courses available?

First and foremost, our courses are developed by dispatchers with extensive experience in this industry. We used to train new dispatchers one-on-one on our firms' platforms, but we realized it was time to share our knowledge and experience with everyone.


On the basis of our partner truck companies, we provide you with not only theoretical but also practical training. Our students will obtain experience while still in school.


Dispatch Academy will aid you in getting work, from resume writing to direct referrals and interactions with transportation businesses around the United States. We will form our own student community that will share information, expertise, and contacts in the field of logistics all around the world. 


Come join us! The Word of  Freight is a lot of fun!

Meet The Team


Anya Kosenok

Founder of Univista Trans

More than 5 years of experience in the truck industry.


Anna Tryndokhyr

Dispatch Manager at Energy Trucking

In the Trucking industry since 2017 in various positions from a dispatcher to a Procurement manager.

What you get


Practicing with real dispatchers is a great way to improve your skills. You'll be working alongside dispatchers, assisting them in covering their trucks. You'll find out what they do on a daily basis.

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We offer a strong community of students and course coaches that can help with ideas, queries, recommendations, and assignment reviews. You can become a mentor for the following streams even after completing the training.

Get a Job

Get a Job - We want to help you get your first job as an Update/Dispatch operator. Our courses are designed to help students develop the necessary skills to begin working in logistics. Dispatch Academy will assist you with your resume and interview preparation, as well as offer you links to platforms where you can apply for jobs.

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Lifetime access to the platform.


Updater is engaged in tracking loads in transportation. So that the truck arrives at the shipper on time, gets loaded without issues, and arrives at the consignee on time and gets unloaded. Update Department communicates with brokers and drivers providing them with the necessary information. If there are delays during the transportation, the updater also contacts the broker and reports the reasons for the delay If the driver has issues during transportation, the updater reports this to the appropriate department 


A truck dispatcher’s job is essentially to manage freight on behalf of a carrier. That includes using load boards and personal connections to locate freight that needs to be shipped, speaking to brokers, conducting negotiations, and eventually dispatching drivers and setting up their routes. In many cases, the position also includes some back-end work like reviewing truck drivers’ logs and tracking their hours.


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